Reading Goals.

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Hey book worms,

I was reading an article that said lovers of literature should not be referred to as worms, but as book dragons.

In which case,

Hello Book Dragons!

In 2018 I was able to read 38 books. Which wasn’t so bad for me. This year my goals are a bit different but still the same.

1. Read a few books from the Man Booker Selection and other Literature prizes.

I usually read Caine Prize for African Writing scripts but I am hoping to expand into more literature awards in the new year.

2. Discover more authors of color.

I’ve focused a lot of African Literature but a field I haven’t discovered fully is the world of African American Authors. This year I am looking forward to encountering more of their works.

3.Explore more Authors and Selections from Latin America.

This is one area I can say I haven’t explored yet honestly. I’ve focused so much on African Literature I almost sidelined everyone else. This year I’m hoping to discover more Latin American Authors and indulge!

4. Read more African authors.

I noticed I read a lot of authors I know, and I don’t usually experiment much. This year, I want to experience authors from Rwanda and Egypt and Zambia..all the countries I haven’t explored.

My goodreads target is set at one book ( I know) but in reality I want to get at least 39-40 books down.

What are your reading goals looking like for the new year?

Sending you love.




28 thoughts on “Reading Goals.

  1. Your reading goals are amazing! If you think on exploring more latin American writers (that’s my specialty) you shouldn’t miss Gabriel García MArques, Jorge Luis Borges, Isabel Allende, Julio Cortázar, those are my favourite!


  2. I’m Mexican. I really like to read books in Spanish. I never find the translations to do justice. You have great goals. Very curious to see what you come up with.


  3. I love the term book dragons! Audible has been my choice of preference when it comes to reading books because of my busy schedule being a mom LOL I love these tips.


  4. Let me know about the African authors. years back I bought a book from an African author and didn’t finish the book. Actually I didn’t like it very much and since then didn’t try any others! Would love to know your opinion!


  5. I’m also keen on exploring books from African authors who aren’t from West African. I wonder what a book from a Zimbabwe writer would feel like. Also, I’ll be exploring some translated Asian works. Cheers to achieving your reading goals.


  6. I love it! Having goals like this really makes the reading experience so much more rewarding. I’ll have to make my own reading goal list.


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