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Hey amazing people. I hope each and every one of you has been holding up well. So earlier in the year, I shared that I had set up some reading goals that you can check out here.

In line with that, here are some of the books I’ve been reading through the year and my feel on this. Please note, this is my opinion and we’re all entitled to our own opinions, on how certain books affected us and impacted us.

Hiding in Plain Sight-Nurrudin Farrah

Pages: 172

Genre: Fiction

This book I received as a gift and I loved it because of the face that it was set in Kenya. The protagonist Bella returns home after the death of her brother to raise his two children. She however faces opposition from her brother ex wife. This I would rate as a 6/10.

Becoming by Michelle Obama.

Pages: 448

Genre: Biography

I’m not a big biography lover. Incase you haven’t figured out by now, I’m a huge fan of fiction books. But this book I picked mostly because it’s Michelle Obama And because there was so much hype. the build up and the perspectives from her. I must admit, aha absolutely won me over when she wrote about playing piano and loving jazz. There were some amazing lessons to draw from it on resilience and overcoming hurdles. I actually didn’t mind it.

Waiting For Wildbeasts To Vote-


Genre: Fiction

I bought this book off a recommendation at a book club meeting I got to sit in. I had never heard anything about the author or the book so curiosity got the best of me, and I had to buy it.

The story is told of a dictator in a satirical plot. It has some interesting moments, but it covers the “typical African dictator.” I  lost the plot somewhere in the middle and had to back track, but all in all it was worth it.


The Dragonfly Sea-Yvonne Odhiambo Awour

Pages: 482

Genre: Fiction


A story on love and loss, and on becoming.

I loved this gentle book set on the island of Pate off my home country Kenya’s coast. It’s a tiny island,usually overlooked by the rest of the world but this book was able to capture and entrance me. Now I want to visit Pate.

I fell in love with Ayana and her journey to womanhood. From the shores of Pate to the classes in China to finally freeing herself in Turkey and to her beautiful return home, and evolved and refined version of herself.

I particularly enjoyed that the book addressed some of the rising social issues not only prevalent along the Kenyan coast but in the world, one of which being the radicalization of young people by terror groups, and the ripple effects this has on specific communities in the country.

And love. Not just romantic love, but the love so pure and real between Muhidin and Ayaana. It brought me to tears each time. Her heart beat for him, and his beat for her.

Yvonne demonstrates her superior writing style with words that flow like the ocean. She’s a powerful writer and this is a powerful book. I love every bit in every page.

PS- I also really want to have Halwa and get Rose water thanks to this book.

The Cockroach Dance-Meja Mwangi

Pages: 383

Genre: Fiction

This was my first encounter with Meja and I must say, I was impressed. It would be hard for me to say I didn’t enjoy this book. And following the adventures of the protagonist Dusman on his adventures and misadventures. This book had interesting twists and had me chuckling every time I saw a city council worker in town. For a first work by the author, I’m giving this an 8/10.

Currently Reading.

How The West Was Lost-Dambisa Moyo

What are you currently Reading?



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