Violin Opened Up My World.

Photography: Alvin Connect Hey loves, So I've never actually shared how much music changed my life and made it so much more amazing. I'm a more holistic person courtesy of the lessons I've learnt from playing the violin as well as through playing in various ensembles. I've linked an interview I did at the bottom [...]


Reading Goals.

Photography:Alvin Connect Hey book worms, I was reading an article that said lovers of literature should not be referred to as worms, but as book dragons. In which case, Hello Book Dragons! In 2018 I was able to read 38 books. Which wasn't so bad for me. This year my goals are a bit different [...]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas my loves! I hope this holiday is filled with love joy and family. Sending out special love to anyone going through it this festive season. Praying for you. As promised, the third video from my Christmas Carols Series is here, and it's Silent Night. Incase you missed out on the other videos, I'll [...]